Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Favorite Dog Books - Pt. 2: Training Book Must-Haves

Basic training and how-dogs-learn books are must-haves for every dog person's library. There is no shortage of fantastic, do-it-yourself, at-home training books available now that explain modern, effective dog training and behavior modification. Here are some books on the "basics" that we just love. These books have each inspired in some way our own training philosophy and program at The Real Pit Bull. They are great for beginners as well as those who have experience.

Dig in and enjoy!

One of the original and best books on what "positive dog training" is all about, this is the book that will help clear up a lot of questions and misconceptions about positive dog training. It's not about bribing or begging or being lenient - it's about applying science to teach your dog how to behave and do what you want. This is a great introduction to what it means to train dogs in a modern, humane way. POWER OF POSITIVE DOG TRAINING, 2ND EDITION

The ORIGINAL Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens, is the author of this fantastic book that details how to create an amazing relationship with your dog built on trust, understanding, and the use of positive reinforcement. If you are after a deep connection with your dog and not just into the idea of getting him to obey empty "commands", this book is for you. THE DOG WHISPERER, 2ND EDITION

Pam Dennison's excellent book on positive dog training is a great foundation-and-beyond read for anyone new or even already schooled in positive dog training. Detailed, fun to read, and written with a keen understanding of how to shape behavior using positive reinforcement, this book is one that should not be passed up. COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO POSITIVE DOG TRAINING - 3RD EDITION

What is "clicker training"? How is it applied to teach dogs? This little book is a great introduction to clicker training, which is the method we use at RPB to teach dogs and modify behavior. Karen Pryor, the author, is THE authority on clicker training and the source for all things "clicker". CLICKER TRAINING FOR DOGS

This handy book is filled with "recipes" for teaching your dog a variety of behaviors using the clicker. It's a great reference book and easy to use, written in a step-by-step style. CLICKING WITH YOUR DOG - STEP-BY-STEP IN PICTURES

Just about any question you've ever had about clicker training can be found in this book. It fills in all the little blanks to help make you the best clicker trainer you can be. Unsure about how to wean off the clicker? The answer's here! Want to build duration (teach your dog to sit longer, stay put for a while, etc)? Find out how, here! Don't know how to get your dog to follow a cue each and every time, whether you have a clicker or not? The answer's in this book! Reference-style and well-indexed to help you find what you are looking for fast and easy. CLICK FOR JOY! - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FROM CLICKER TRAINERS AND THEIR DOGS

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