Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free & Low Cost Training Help

Mary Alverson (formerly Harwelik), certified trainer of Enlightened Canine Consulting, RPB Director and head of our Training & Behavior Department, is available on the RPB Forum Monday through Friday for help with behavioral and training issues/questions.

This service is free - just sign up to the forum (free and easy) and post your questions/concerns on the Training & Behavior board (you are also free to participate on any part of the forum! It is a great little community full of supportive, breed-savvy people).

Mary has been working with Pit Bulls for approximately 18 years. She has been training dogs and studying behavior for longer. She is certified through the CCPDT and her specialty is Pit Bulls and behavior. You can be sure you are getting accurate, real-world advice and help from Mary, someone who has made Pit Bulls her life for close to 2 decades. Mary uses only positive reinforcement, and modern/scientific training techniques. If you are confused about all the advice you can find online or in books, let Mary steer you in the right direction.

Pit Bull School is the program offered through RPB that offers this free service as well as low cost classes, phone consultations and in-home training and behavioral help. Classes and in-home services will resume in 2014 in NJ, but for now take advantage of the free forum service. If you are looking for something a little more and would like to schedule a private phone or email consultation with Mary, please email her: