Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Favorite Dog Books - Pt 1

There are so many wonderful books out now on a variety of topics that will help you be the best dog parent you can be, while also helping you understand the fascinating creature in your living room, the dog!

Here are some of our favorite fundamentals that we think NO dog parent should pass up (we'll post more blogs featuring our fave books on different topics to help you build your dog library!):

The subtitle of this book is "A New Understanding of Canine Origins, Behavior & Evolution". If you want the truth about where dogs come from, this book cannot be missed. Think you know the story? Pick up this book, then think again. DOGS A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF CANINE ORIGIN, BEHAVIOR, AND EVOLUTION

One of the most important and influential dog books of recent years, On Talking Terms With Dogs will take you into a whole new world of reading dog body language. This book is a triumph and has influenced many trainers. Finally, when your dog speaks, you'll be able to listen. ON TALKING TERMS WITH DOGS - CALMING SIGNALS, 2ND EDITION

An absolutely imperative read, this book will help you understand not only how your dog learns, but also how all organisms (including YOU) learn. Use positive reinforcement to influence your dog's behavior - and that of other animals, human and non-human - in a meaningful, respectful way. DON'T SHOOT THE DOG

This book is a kick in the pants towards a better understanding of dogs, how to train them, and how NOT to. Really, this is a book every single person who has ever shared their life with a dog, who handles dogs in any capacity, or who is thinking about getting a dog, NEEDS TO READ NOW! CULTURE CLASH

Break free from the old, outdated mindset of "dominance and control", and learn how you can enter into a more harmonious, mutually-respectful relationship with your dog. It's not about control - it's about communication. And with better communication comes a better behaved dog. PLENTY IN LIFE IS FREE - REFLECTIONS ON DOGS, TRAINING AND FINDING GRACE