Friday, May 23, 2008


Ohio is already one of the least Pit Bull-friendly states, with a state-wide ordinance that declairs a dog vicious if it "[b]elongs to the breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog."

Well, seems now Ohio State Rep Tyrone Yates is hoping Ohio will win the title of 'Least American State in America' by introducing the outlandish, Draconion Bill 568. This law would outlaw Pit Bulls in the state and would not include a grandfather clause for existing Pit Bulls. Residents would be forced to give up their companions and family members for euthanasia. Search warrants will be issued if law enforcement believes a person may be harboring a Pit Bull.

This is the stuff nightmares are made of, and everyone in Ohio - Pit Bull owner or no - should be scared to death of this bill. All concerned Ohio residents should head on over to the Canine Advocates of Ohio website for more information and what you need to do to get ready to do battle.

We'll be watching with baited breath.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Model' Activists

Pin up models pose in a calendar, the sales of which benefit Pit Bulls (and other bullbreed-types) in need. Simple concept, fantastic results! Pin Ups for Pit Bulls is, if my mental calculations are correct, barely 2 years old, but the organization has grown by leaps and bounds, and benefitted many dogs directly through donations and outstanding public awareness campaigns and events.

RPB is proud to be on PFPB's team, and our groups routinely work together to promote Pit Bull awareness. Please keep your eye on this organization, as I see great things ahead for them. Visit their site:

Thanks to a generous donation from PFPB, we were recently able to print colorful educational tri-folds. These tri-folds, btw, are available for free download here: The Pit Bull: In Reality, pg 1 and pg 2

RPB Blog: New & Exciting!

Welcome to the official Real Pit Bull - Bloggin' for the Pit Bull Age! RPB has had a blog going on since 2006, but we've decided to create something a bit more user-friendly, and 'get with the blogging times' by signing up here on Blogspot. The easy to use format and ability for readers to post comments without being a member of anything was enticing. So here we are. Stay tuned for fresh and shiny new blog postings - we'll be here often.

Til next time, keep on marching towards the Pit Bull Age!