Monday, April 4, 2011

We love our Pit Bulls in so many ways...

...some would call us "crazy", but at RPB we prefer the term "passionate". We wanted to share some pix we received recently showing the love Pit Bull guardians have for these amazing dogs - what better way than through tattoos. Here are some recent submissions we've received. It never ceases to amaze us how dedicated people are to their Pit Bulldogs. Has to tell ya something - these are so much more than "just dogs": they are our life, our family, our best friends.


Sharah Gomez shared her Jersey and Ruben tattoo.

Randi was so inspired by Vick Dog Jonny Justice that she permanently demonstrated her admiration by getting this lovely tattoo:

Sarge's Kim Wolf tattooed her beloved Elberbull on her foot:

Bev Waltons' gorgeous Pit Bull:

Jenna McFall's Jack the Ripper, RIP:

And I figured I'd share my own tattoo of Krash, the inspiration behind RPB, and my AmStaff Luca: