Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A new beginning for one of the MoBust dogs....

Many of you were aghast and saddened by the face of Fay, one of the dogs that was confiscated in the largest dog fighting raid in history. Missing her lips, her toothy expression is a stark, in-yer-face example of the horrors of dog fighting.

But Fay won't be a statistic. We learned today that Fay will be headed to Mutts N Stuff, the St Louis MO-based bully breed rescue that has been working so hard to care for all the dogs confiscated in the bust.

Congratulations to Fay! If you would like to help support the work of Mutts N Stuff, and to support dogs like Fay, please visit the website to donate.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Philly Rescue Doin' It Right

There are so many unsung heroes in rescue, those people who day after day dedicate their lives to saving the lives of dogs. They are in rescue not for fame, not for money, but for the DOGS.. We wanted to spotlight just one of those rescues. Run by Rosemary DiStefano, Faith's Hope in Philadelphia is one of those little gems of the rescue world: dedicated, educated, and ethical. Rosemary knows her stuff, and if you are looking for a REAL Pit Bull - solid, stable, with typical breed temperament - please consider one of the dogs from Faith's Hope.

RPB is proud to support the work of Faith's Hope and we encourage you to do so as well by making a donation, large or small. You can donate through below.

Here are just a few of the adoptable dogs now available through Faith's Hope:

Meet Spock, and his to-die-for ears! This guy's a total lover-boy, and a solid 40 lbs of Pit Bull goodness. He is a terrific dog, sweet and loving and wants nothing more than to be with you all day and cuddle up all night.

Heeeere's Herbie! Check out that face! How cute is this APBT/AmBull mix? He is not only adorable, he is a terrific dog: sweet, friendly, smart. He wants to be your best buddy EVER. He doesn't ask for much - a comfy bed, some yummy treats and some nice walks. Herbie is currently being treated for heartworm, poor baby, but will be ready for his new home as soon as he's better.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doesn't this just make you feel all warm and fuzzy??

St. Louis group building refuge for dogs rescued from dog fighting.....READ MORE!

We love you, Mutts N' Stuff!! Give Phoenix a smooch!


More nonsensical sound bites....

Parade Magazine printed some crummy quotes from DC Councilman Jim Graham, in its recent article “Preventing Fatal Dog Attacks”.

    “Anyone who has been near a pit bull can tell you why they need to be banned,” Graham says. “There is something endemic in this breed that prompts violence and cruelty when raised in the wrong hands.”

ANYone? REALLY, Councilman? Sure about that statement?

And I guess the Councilman didn’t get the memo on the Vick dogs. Talk about dogs being ‘raised in the wrong hands’. Just as predicted, those Vick dogs sure turned out to be 'violent and cruel’.

All we are asking for is a little responsibility – research and educate yourself before you make statements that hold the power to influence legislation that would tear families apart and cause the unnecessary death of companion animals.

Oh, who will save us from the PANdemic of stupid!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The wheels of justice turn + MoBust Updates

News fresh out of Missouri ...4 dog fighters charged in the MoBust case have pleaded guilty. As the wheels of justice turn, the dogs remain in a secret location and have not yet begun any moves into rescue. But we look forward to the day when as many as possible will find the love they so deeply deserve.

RPB wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the groups that have been working with the now over 500 dogs in Mo. since DAY ONE. Special gratitude towards the people at HSMO, Mutts-n-Stuff, Broken Hearts-Mended Souls, and PBRC volunteers for coming together to assist the MoBust dogs in the day to day, unglamorous tasks that come with caring for such a large number of animals. A special thank you to RPBF member and all-around breed activist SuziRiot for sacrificing her Labor day weekend in order to clean kennels, stuff Kongs, and love on the dogs. (And who knows, maybe Suzi will find a love of her own in the massive sea of Missouri dogs?)

Additionally, New Hope Pit Bull Rescue and Our Pack, Inc are closely following the progress of this historical case, working in partnership with the locals.

If you are looking for a way to help, PLEASE consider donating to HSMO.

Another great way to show your support is to purchase a “Save the Dogs” t-shirt, which will benefit Mutts-n-Stuff and help fund their new project, The Phoenix House which will be a temporary home for rescued fight bust dogs as they make their transition from shelter life to rescue program ambassador dogs.

To order this shirt, send your payment of $20 to:

PO Box 187
Foristell, MO 63348

Or order through ( use email address: ) Sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL. Be sure to specify which you'd like, as well as provide all your contact info. when you order.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everyone deserves a second chance?

Or should second chances be reserved for those who have made ONE mistake, admitted their guilt, and shown through actions that they are willing and ABLE to make a change?

Rosemary DiStefano from Faith's Hope Rescue - straight from the trenches - said it best,

    "Please someone tell me again why this man deserves a "second chance?" Why he deserves to play professional football again and make millions of dollars when those of us down here in the trenches trying to help the dogs he so casually murdered struggle every single day?

    Never mind his debt to "society?" How exactly has he paid his debt to the dogs he killed and fought? Why does he deserve to be an HSUS spokesperson when others who have worked tirelessly for years and years to make a difference and who have saved countless animals get to do so with no recognition whatsoever? Yet, this man gets an ovation when he walks out on the field? Please explain to me what he has done to deserve such an ovation? The NFL, the Eagles but especially the citizens of this city that filled that stadium to watch football and applaud Michael Vick ought to be hanging their heads in shame!"
    --Take That, Eagles