Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"I'm a Pit Bull parent, and...."

Last week we posed this fill-in-the-blank question on Facebook: "I'm a Pit Bull parent, and...."

We got such a wide variety of responses from all sorts of people whose lives are enriched by their Pit Bulls in all sorts of ways. Below is a compilation of those responses.

Lovemybully76: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and proud of it!"

Fureverywhere: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and I learn something new from my Ophie every day!"

CA Puzio: "I am a Pit Bull Parent and it has changed my life, for together we have learned to self realize and cope with the anxiety within."

Catstina: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and I'm studying to be a Psychologist."

JohnR: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and am typical of MANY people who work professionally with animals: Pit Bulls are my favorite breed of dog!"

Dlester: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and grateful every day."

Pitbullmamaliz: "I'm a Pit Bull parent, and through her I've had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people with the biggest hearts."

Wannabeowner: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and have the cuddliest, snuggliest, silliest dog EVER!"

Daves: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and my only regret is that I didn't become one sooner."

Erins66: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and I vote."

Barbara Cooper: ‎"I'm a Pit Bull parent, and Terrojax is God's gift to me. He came to me as an owner surrender and found out the next day he had parvo. I nursed him back to health and now he is an awesome 6 year old. I am hard of hearing and he is my ears. He is my best friend and companion. I love my hairy son. I was not sure of him at first because of all the publicity you hear. You just have to live with him to know. Thank you for my best friend. Terrojax momma loves you bunches."

Thérése Weiner: "I teach children with multiple disabilities and I'm a proud American Pit Bull Terrier parent. Several of my dogs are certified working therapy dogs. So you can say, we put the pits in the hos'pit'al & the bull in the reading programs at the li-bull-ary among the other venues we work."

Patti Deschaine: "I'm a pit bull parent of two of the most fantastic, loving animals I have ever known. More like four legged, speech challenged children. So connected to my pitties!"

Cheryl Clauss: "I am a pitbull parent to 9 month old Sapphira, a blue fawn, and aunt to 5 yr old Knucklehead. The depth of love this breed shows to their humans is amazing! We don't "own" pitbulls, we are their people!"

Meghan Ridings Cabalar: "I am a Pit Bull parent and my 2 Pits live with my 4 children and are around the children I babysit and provide excellent love and companionship to us all!"

Will Rice: ‎"I'm a Pit Bull parent, and a foster parent to children in need, and an adoptive parent to a son I love, and a United Methodist Pastor."

Kelly Andrews: ‎"I am a Pit Pull parent to a special needs Pit Bull who loves to be the surrogate momma to orphan kittens!"

Kevin Knabe: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and proud to have such a loving, smart, American breed of dog(APBT that is!)"

Julia Fabiani: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and I am a responsible owner who takes time to educate people who either don't know about them, or have misconceptions."

Julie Strader: ‎"I'm a Pit Bull parent, and every day is a gift of love, cuddling, butt wiggles, and clownish fun!"

Talia Miller: "I'm a Pit Bull parent, and I couldnt imagine not being one ever."

Adrea Garcia-Smith: "I'm a Pit Bull parent, and our boys Roscoe & Hendrix are just the sweetest, goofiest Pits around and are very smart!! They love my 3 girls and cuddling in bed with them!! They're big babies."

Stacey Allen Suazo: "I am a Pit Bull parent, an attorney, a professional dog trainer, a business owner, a wife and a mother. I am a responsible parent who teaches my dogs and children how to behave responsibly around others. After 30+ years of having multiple dogs in my life, my Pit Bull has been the best behaved and easiest to train pet I've ever had. He rewards me and my family each day with boundless devotion and love. My Pit Bull is neutered, well-socialized, and lives inside with our family."

Yajaira Rivera: "I am a Pit Bull parent and I am blessed with such a breed. Smart, beautiful, loving, loyal and goofy :) Diesel is his name and love him so much.... we are inseparable."

Alexandra Beck: "I am a Pit Bull parent, teacher, and guardian, and veterinary nurse. I wished and waited for a dog exactly like my Luna: sweet, smart, affectionate, loyal and kind - a true best friend. It was worth the wait!"

Cindy Tierney: "I am a Pit Bull parent and proud of it, would never get a different breed."

Tammy Gravely Townsend: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and advocate for the breed I love the most. I am a mother, a grandmother and Pit Bulls are a part of my family. Can't imagine life without Pit Bulls."

Sarah Edewaard Hamilton: "I am a Pit Bull parent w/two spoiled rotten extremely lovable pits that make me so happy when I come home and just want to be loved on and cuddled. They are sweet, extremely smart and very loyal. Oh and the most important, they LOVE children."

Maggie Van Etten: "I am a Pit Bull parent of Nina the Elderbull and volunteer for a Pit Bull focused rescue and have never met a Pit Bull I didn't fall in love with, LOL! But then again, that's easy to do!"

Brooke Watkins: "I am a Pit Bull parent to a wonderful sweet Pit Bull whom is very intelligent, smart, and loving. She is easy to train and picks stuff up quickly. She loves my boyfriend's kids and shows enormous amounts of Affection by giving tons of kisses as often as we let her. I wouldn't give her up for anything, and I love taking her everywhere with me and showing people how well behaved she is and all of the tricks and commands she knows."

Sarah Edewaard Hamilton: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and our dogs' names are Angel (she lives up to that name) & Rebel (he's 5 mo. and so much fun)."

Nola-And Tom Petty: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and wouldn't have it any other way & enjoy filling people in of the FACTS instead of all the Pit Pull myths!"

Emily Sieger: "I am a Pit Bull parent, whose rescued gamebred APBT was the favorite therapy dog of all the residents at my mom's nursing home because of his loving gentle nature."

Carol Brown Hunt: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and I have never met a sweeter or more loyal dog....It all depends on how they are raised and taken care of....and loved by their family."

Jennifer Swensen: :I am a Pit Bull parent, and I am responsible and proud to be owned by a Pit Bull."

Claudia Chain: "I am a Pit Bull parent and I am glad I didn't listen to the people who said that my dog was going to eat me in my sleep."

Ana Beck: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and I will NEVER apologize for it!! My Pit is a sweet, loving, loyal, and irreplaceable member of my family. I challenge anyone who doesn't like Pit Bulls to come spend an afternoon with mine. Watch my nephew cuddle and take naps with him, watch him play with other dogs, and watch him try to give his chew toys to my dad's Cockatiel and then say they aren't trustworthy pets. I love my Pit and I won't apologize for it!!"

Sue Stiely: "I am a Pit Bull parent of 6 girls over the years and will never be without one. I try to educate to the best of my abililty and two of my girls were certified tehrapy dogs. I have had dogs who were quite dog friendly, and some that were not so dog friendly, but I knew their behaviors, stayed aware and have never had one incident involving my dogs or others. I don't ever want to lose the oppurtunity to own the breed and do my best to improve thier reputation."

Victory Plumbing: "I'm a Pit Bull grandparent! After losing my own dog Buddy after 16 yrs, my son's dog Bailie has filled the void of the loss. I don't want anything but a Pit Bull for my next dog."

Nicholas Overturf: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and I have never had such a loving, obedient and beautiful animal in all my life. I miss you Baby Grrr..."

Susan Grattan: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and my baby girl Halo is my life. She is always there when I cry, laugh, or just need a hug or high five."

Melissa Long Truempy: "I am a Pit Bull parent, and I have a 56 pound lap dog/teddy bear/lover boy/and playmate for my seven year old daughter. He is 1 year old today, and has a 10 1/2 year old Pittie sister-who happens to be the smartest dog I've ever known! Both rescue pups, both unique, both irreplaceable."

Chelsey Johnson: "I'm a Pit Bull parent & she is the most loving and loyal dog I could ever ask for."

Amy Hendrickson: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and my dogs both have their CGC, one has his TT and he's doing great in both agility and flyball."

Perfectpit: "I'm a Pit Bull parent and I am blessed every day with his unconditional love and devotion."

Kenzie Smith: "I am a Pit Bull parent and proud of it!!"