Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Sedona!

Sedona’s Gotcha Day is April 30th.  One year ago The REAL Pit Bull brought this scared little dog to meet Rocky and Lola at our home and see how she fit in before leaving her with us.  Having come to RPB six months earlier through the HSUS and Hello Bully from the Ohio 200 bust, Sedona is one of approximately 200 dogs found penned or tied out on stakes on the property of Sherman Bell, whom has since been convicted of one felony count of possessing and training dogs for dog fighting.

Sedona is afflicted with some serious fear and anxiety issues from being "raised" in a terribly isolated situation, but this is not about the negative aspects of her life. This is a celebration of an innocent victim's journey to healing.  In a surprisingly short time Sedona has grown into one of the best dogs I have ever known.  Even though her fear of the outdoors is still very strong, she tries to overcome it, and has made great strides in accepting her new environment. She is healthy and happy, fun and funny, her temperament is rock solid, and she shows her love of life in her exuberance for the little pleasures.  If I were to interview her, I imagine it would go something like this…
Me:           So, it’s been a year since The REAL Pit Bull staff sent you to live with us.  How do you like it here so far?
Sedona:     I like it fine, I guess.  Better than a barrel in the woods, fer sher.
Me:           What’s the best part?
Sedona:     I eat TWO TIMES a day!!  YAY!!
Me:           Yes, I know that makes you VERY happy!  What don’t you like?              
Sedona:     Going outside. It’s very scary out there.
Me:           What scares you?           
Sedona:     Noises.  I don’t know where they come from, or what’s coming.  And the kids.  They are so scary, I can't even deal with it sometimes. I'm glad you are there with me.
Me:           Yes, I can see how they could frighten you.  But they’re just small people, give it time.
Sedona:     Yeah LOTS of time!
Me:           I know there’s one thing you like to do outside!               
Sedona:     I like the walks on Sunday morning with all my friends.  The car ride is okay, but I get nervous, a little.
Me:           Tell me a little about the walks.
Sedona:     Duh, you’re there, too!
Me:           Okay, tell the folks about it who are reading this.
Sedona:     Well, we drive a long time to the mountains and meet my friends to go hiking.  I like them, they make me feel good, they have dogs, too, and they are really cool.  Nobody wants to hurt me, or make me fight, or do mean things.  Everybody really likes me! At first I was scared of them, I didn't want to leave the car and I just wanted to go home to my bed. I tried to make friends with the dogs, but not all of them liked me. The people were WAY scary! I didn’t know why you made me do this. It was very hard, and I didn’t like you after.
Me:           But you got used to it.
Sedona:     Not all at once.  I got used to the people and even made friends with some, and I forgot the dogs sometimes. I was still scared of the car ride.  But once I saw that my friends were there at the end, I got happy.  Now I just jump in the back seat when we go.
Me:           Sometimes you're too happy! You get a little rude, too.
Sedona:     (blushing) Maybe, a little. So sue me! I like my friends a lot!
Me:           What do you think of Rocky and Lola?
Sedona:     Now, they are a couple of cool dogs!  Lola can be a little bitc...

Me:            Careful! 

Sedona:     ... snob, though.  But she’s okay with me bugging her.  And Rocky, he’s funny.  He makes me laugh.
Me:           Yeah, he makes me laugh, too, all the time.  Do you have any plans for the future?
Sedona:     What’s “the future?”
Me:           Sorry, my bad.  Any last thoughts?
Sedona:     When can we play?  When we eatin’? Where’s my new bone?  You said I could have cheese, where is it? What about…
Me:           Okay, that’s enough. I get it.  Say good-bye to the readers…
Sedona:     Wooo wooooo!!

* * * * *
Here is a short video of Sedona before one of her walks, and some random shots of what she loves best.  She really does love her friends!

Sedona with Dee Broton, organizer of's Sussex County Dog Walking Group
 Dee is one of Sedona's favorite people, and the Group has been her saving grace!