Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kong stuffin' season!

Stuffed Kongs are always a favorite around here. Now that the weather is getting cold and the days are shortening - which probably means less outdoor exercise for the dogs - it's a good idea to have some Kongs ready to go to keep boredom at bay. There are a bazillion Kong stuffing recipes online. Some simple, some quite elaborate. But here is the "Pit Bull Special" that we use - quick and easy and totally nom!

Take some kibble and soak it in water so it's kind of mushy. Then mix a nice scoop of peanut butter (use a brand that doesn't add refined sugar) with the soft kibble and mix/mush it all together. Fill the Kong with the mix, and lastly, as a garnish, stuff a biscuit down into the Kong but leave part of it sticking out the top. Put the Kong in the freezer and let the filler get hard but not TOO hard - frozen but not rock solid/icy. Lastly, give to your Pit Bull and watch him or her enjoy!

That Kong is STUFFED - but not for long! The "Pit Bull Special" - 100% Luca Approved.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cruelty is cruelty, regardless of breed.

It was only earlier this month when we read about the chainsaw decapitation of a Pit Bull in New Mexico, which resulted in an 8 year prison sentence for the man responsible.

This past weekend another dog was found dead, this time cut in half and left morbidly on display on a porch in Northeast Philadelphia. The dog, named Chico, was a Siberian Husky.

These are absolutely horrifying stories of dogs who were brutally murdered at the hands of human beings. Breed should be irrelevent when such attrocities are commited against dogs, and we should all rise up as one and demand justice any time abuse is brought to our attention.

Everytime we read stories like these it becomes a little more difficult to comprehend how dogs get labeled as the "bad guys", how anyone could believe targeting and banning dogs that look a certain way will somehow make society safer, the idea that humans need more protection from animals than they do from us, a little more laughable. When is the last time you heard of a dog sawing off a human's head in retaliation?

Sedona! Taking prelim apps

We've had Sedona - one of the Ohio200 - in our program since Oct 1; per RPB policy, after the initial on-site evaluation, Sedona's been undergoing a more extensive 30 day evaluation in a home environment and is almost ready to make her debut as an RPB "Karma Dog".

Sedona is being heavily socialized - life on a chain has cost her some points in the social butterfly department but she tries so hard to be brave and is learning every day to trust a little more. She's a little flower that just needs some help blooming. She is about to begin CGC training and ready to start thinking about choosing a lifelong human partner.

RPB is now accepting preliminary applications on Sedona. She is not ready to leave our program just yet, but if you've fallen in love with Those Ears and are considering adoption, please feel free to email us for the necessary paperwork to get the ball moving.

For more information on RPB and our Karma Dog program which matches APBT "Spokesdogs" with exemplary human guardians, visit: Karma Dogs!.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silly little bulldawg.

Here's Sedona, one of the "Ohio 200" Pit Bulls from a bust back in August. She's been here in Jersey for less than 2 weeks, but she's quickly figuring out how to turn on the cute full blast.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October is an Event-full Month for RPB

Fall is the perfect season for events, and there are two fabulous dates that you'll seriously need to add to your calendars.

First, on October 10th, Bark in the Park takes place at gorgeous Liberty State Park right on the Hudson. We host a booth at this event every year; it is a wonderful, Pit-friendly day that should not be missed.

Then on October 23rd, it's the 4th annual Pit Bull Awareness Day. A great event to check out is the Pinups for Pitbulls Awareness Day and 2011 Calendar Release Party in Philadelphia at Shampoo.

Don't forget to celebrate Pit Bulls all month long in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day, and let us know how YOU plan to celebrate, support, and bring awareness to Pit Bulls on our Facebook page. Pit Bull Awareness Day was founded by Bless the Bullys, and we wholeheartedly support and thank them for the work they do for Pit Bulls and bull breed-type dogs.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Say "Hi" to Sedona!

Meet Sedona, the newest addition to the RPB "Karma Dog" Pit Bull rescue program. Sedona comes from a cruelty case, one of many dogs that have been pulled into rescue by groups from a recent out-of-state bust. She's got an absolutely FABULOUS smile, if you can't tell from her picture.

We picked her up on Saturday from Animal Farm Foundation, who temporarily housed her for RPB. Right now, she is chilling out and decompressing after her trip. She's had a rough start in life, but is settling in nicely and already learning the basics: like how to walk on leash and the joy of stuffed Kongs.

Sedona will go through training with RPB volunteers, work towards earning her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification, and then will be placed into a lucky home.

Follow this blog to read about Sedona's new life, her training, and for continued updates on how she is doing.

Want to make a donation to RPB on Sedona's behalf? Click the ChipIn below! Your donation will help cover veterinary costs for Sedona's care.