Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RPB's First Online Fundraiser is Underway!

The end of October marked the beginning of The REAL Pit Bull's first official online fundraiser, which will run through the end of Dec. 08. The goal is set at $1,000, and the earnings will go towards implementation of programs, creation of educational material, and the day to day workings of RPB. In 2009, RPB will also be designating additional funds to help individual dogs and the efforts of groups and individuals to save Pit Bulls. Your donation helps! Just click on the Chip In link below.

If everyone who reads this blog, views our website, or visits our Myspace page donated $1.00 or even .50, we'd more than meet our desired goal - we'd far surpass it. We hope you'll decide to donate what you can.

RPB has been in existence since 1997, and operates one of the most respected online sources for breed information,; we also provide free educational services like handouts, brochures, and The Real Pit Bull Forum ( ) , as well as behavioral advice via phone, email and in person. RPB is a constant advocate for the APBT, speaking in public and to the media about the breed, working to help promote responsible ownership, and educating on ethical rescue practices.

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