Friday, October 17, 2008

Accused dog fighter acquitted....but his dogs are still dead.

Pit Bull owners may feel somewhat vindicated after the acquittal of Floyd Boudreax, renowned breeder of APBTs who, long in the past, was known for his quality pit dogs. Boudreax was still breeding dogs, but when he was charged with dog fighting over 3 years ago, and had his property and dogs seized, he maintained his innocence. Many advocates across the internet were appalled at the guilty-before-proven-innocent accusations and assumptions, and those closer to ‘FB’ insisted he no longer fought dogs (and that when he had, it was still legal in his state of Louisiana ).

When FB’s dogs were seized, they were immediately euthanized, because Louisiana's archaic and inhumane law insists that such dogs are always dangerous and may be destroyed without consequence. Regardless of FB’s past choices, one thing is certain: the dogs did not deserve their fate. And the vitriol spewed by groups like HSUS helped signed the FB dogs, and countless others like them, death warrants. In fact, HSUS was responsible for the arrest and trial of FB due their ‘evidence’ and pressure on law enforcement agencies. But the end result was an old man run through the ringer, only to be found innocent, and 50+ dogs dead and buried.

It is a known fact that HSUS insisted the Michael Vick dogs be destroyed, since they were undoubtedly too dangerous and unpredictable to ever be placed in loving homes. In an amazing show of determination and loyalty to the breed, many advocates and organizations (including RPB) stepped up to speak on behalf of the dogs that would otherwise have suffered the same sad demise as FB’s dogs. Miracle of miracles, the authorities acquiesced and almost all of the Vick dogs deemed adoptable or potentially adoptable were saved. Months after the fact, the Vick dogs are thriving as therapy dogs, companions, and good ambassadors for their breed. The Vick Dog triumph has set a precedent, and paved the way for salvation for other fight bust dogs. It truly is a wonderful thing.

So when does it stop? When will HSUS reevaluate the way they do things in regards to the APBT and specifically fight dogs? When will other orgs stop perpetrating myths and end the fear mongering, attacking the very creature that most needs their help? When will the witch hunts stop? When will honest guardians be able to sleep at night without awaking from nightmares in which breaksticks and treadmills, and other legitimate dog care items cause them to be branded as ‘dog fighters’?

So yes, today APBT lovers can feel somewhat vindicated – the HSUS and PETA were made to look silly after their demands to see the Vick dogs killed thankfully were not heeded. And now with FB’s acquittal, his case thrown from court because of an appalling lack of any evidence whatsoever, we can feel a sense of validation. And the memories of the 50+ FB dogs as well as countless other victims of fear and hatred, can live on, and continue to inspire all those who work tirelessly to save the ones who still live.


Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Sad that people base their thoughts on dogs just by the past they have had and not the behavior they exhibit. The past that was chosen by a human not by the dog.

Mary said...

As always, very well said MH. Sometimes it just seems so overwhelming getting through to people that each of these dogs deserves to be evaluated as individuals. Thank you for all that you do to help change that image!