Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stereotypes: Busted!

If Pit Bull guardians and advocates have a stereotype, it’s that they are NOT capable of being stereotyped. The people who love this breed come in so many varieties, shapes, colors, and from every walk of life, reflecting the diversity of the Pit Bull itself. It is pretty hard to talk about a ‘stereotypical Pit Bull owner’.


But it must be human nature to stereotype and denigrate that which is unknown and hence feared, because despite the obviously vast array of dynamic and unique Pit Bull guardians, certain organizations and people keep insisting on trying to paint us all with one broad, ugly brush. PeTA, known to be anti Pit Bull and pro BSL, says that nice families don't want Pit Bulls. And, recently, Edmonton Sun columnist Yukon Jack had some pretty nasty descriptive words for Pit Bull owners. Not only did he manage to insult people who share their lives with this wonderful breed, but he also managed to trash talk mixed martial arts enthusiasts and people with tattoos. I ask you, what is wrong with the MMA world when it boasts champs like Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski who donates time to animal charities? And the tattoo-covered lovelies of Pin Ups for Pit Bulls would surely have something to say to Mr. Jack about his derogatory comments regarding those of us who sport permanent ink.

Then there are the everyday heroes who go about their lives with a Pit Bull by their side – working to save abused and abandoned animals, while simultaneously bringing joy and hope to fellow humans; dog sport enthusiasts who agree that Pit Bulls are the supreme athletes of the canine world, and countless guardians who couldn’t imagine waking up in the morning without a Pit Bull bed hog snoring in their ear.

For more examples of the wonderful variety of Pit Bull people out there, our Pit Bulls & People and Life with Pit Bulls pages are now accepting visitors!

Stereotype THAT.


Our Pack, Inc. said...

This is SO spot on. You said it!
It's amazing to me that someone can feel that they can just trash someone and profile them like this. I thought we were past all that in this civilized society. Hmmmmm
Thanks for puttin' up the video of my Pit Bull Leo (who used to be one of Michael Vick's dogs at that)visiting all those people at the cancer treatment facility that are actually enjoying interacting with him! Scoff!
Uh hello, these seem like pretty nice folks to me.

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue said...

Thank you for this Mary! Alicia and I are both tattooed and pierced Pit Bull owners, rescuers and breed advocates, but you wouldn't know we wear ink and piercings by looking at us. Even if our ink was highly visible it shouldn't make a bit of difference, we're still the same people we'd be without it! We're also both pretty petite gals who most would stereotype as Froo-froo dog owners... sporting "Fluffy" Pom in a doggy stroller.

Nothing pleases me more than a family walk down the street, pushing a stroller and walking such an amazing and majestic dog as a Pit Bull. It's impossible to see that and NOT know that our dogs are members of a typical all American family, and they are happy, friendly and loved!

Our Pack, Inc. said...

I'm starting to feel like I don't belong having all these Pit Bulls and no tattoos.
Am I in the wrong group?

This is just insane!

Anonymous said...

i have tattoos piercings, i dont look 33..and im a single mom AND WE LOVE OUR TWO PITS! its hilarious to see the looks my daughter and i get from people as we stroll down the sidewalk.... i've decided that im getting a tattoo on the back of my neck saying "judge us not". I constantly show perfect strangers how loving and well trained pitbulls can be with our two furry family members!

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue said...

Our Pack, Inc. said...

I'm starting to feel like I don't belong having all these Pit Bulls and no tattoos.
Am I in the wrong group?

This is just insane!

Don't be silly! Of course you belong... you KNOW you do! You've done some amazing things and saved some wonderful dogs! :-)

Tattooed or not, it just goes to show that people from all walks of life love this breed and can be responsible owners. Not only do I sport ink but my husband is also a Sgt. with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

The REAL Pit Bull said...

Marthina, you are funny. You MORE than belong. But I'm thinking maybe a nose ring is in order hee hee j/k
(Yes, I have tattoos and piercings, too.)

Our Pack, Inc. said...

Naw, I was just joking about the profiling that goes on.....like I SHOULD have one because it fits some profile.....really stupid.

I just really hate profiling. It's a sign of ignorance and an inability to evaluate observable data and someone suffers every time it's done.

Thanks for the kind words New Hope!!

Crystal said...

Yukon Jack has this all wrong. I am a 27 year old WOMAN, a non smoker, with no crimal record, who has no tattoo's and drive's an Acura. I have nothing against people with tattoos. I really want one but just haven't figured out what I want yet. I have many friends who also own Pit bulls. They are all wonderful owners who love there dogs. Myself as well as my friend treat our dogs better than some people treat their children. I also didn't give my dog a crazy name her Name is Meadow and shes my baby. Ok so my boyfriend drives a big truck but we ride quads.

This is the typical sterotype that an old boring man gives to a wonderful breed. Maybe he sould hook up with the crazy lady with PETA! It's truly sad that people who have NO IDEA about this breed slam them to no end. They are the ones who need to go work at a rescue and get a clue about this wonderful breed that they like so much to talk about!