Saturday, October 18, 2008

The RPB Mission & Vision Statements

The Real Pit Bull has gone through many reinventions since 1997, with several 'unofficial' mission and vision statements that have been amended as the organization has evolved. One critical aspect that has always been part of the RPB mission is education of owners, other advocates, and the public. This is something that has never changed or wavered and will always be the most important thing we do.

As we approach our 12th year, big things are in store for RPB and we hope to make our biggest impact yet, as we work diligently towards creating a brighter future for the APBT. In light of the new and improved goals and plans, we'd like to present you with our fully updated Mission and Vision statements. We think they pretty much say it all.

*drum roll*

- Mission Statement -

The Real Pit Bull is an education and advocacy organization dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier; our mission is to serve as an advocate for the breed; provide information; and educate those who impact the lives of Pit Bulls.

- Vision -

RPB envisions a future in which the American Pit Bull Terrier is widely recognized as a companion animal and working dog partner; dog fighting is a thing of the past; dog laws focus on deed not breed; and all American Pit Bull Terriers have loving, responsible homes.

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Our Pack, Inc. said...

Love it! I of course like and agree on the statement about dog fighting as a thing of the past. It tells me that the dogs don't have to be judged unfairly.