Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trees: The New 'Fight Paraphernalia'?

...or maybe it'll be playground equipment....

Just because someone abuses something or uses it for nefarious purposes doesn't mean that thing is inherently bad or evil. So-called 'fight training' equipment like treadmills and springpoles are things us responsible, law-abiding, dog-lovin' folk use to exercise our nutty Pit Bulldawgs. Has a dog fighter ever used these same things? Sure, but someone's ill-chosen use for an item doesn't make the item automatically ban-worthy. (I think we could say the same thing for some special breed of dog we know & love, too!)

RPB pet peeve: assuming things about a breed/behavior/activity when you don't have the knowledge or training to make a proper assesment.

Visions of dog fighting dancing through your head anytime you see a Pit Bull engaged in some sort of activity? Please, this is a serious condition that requires immediate attention!

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