Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Day.

Another tragedy. And when the solution in theory is so simple, why doesn't anyone listen?

Loose dogs, chained dogs, wondering children.....a recipe for disastor. Responsible dog ownership and bite prevention information are the keys. But when parents are so often irresponsible with their own children, how can we expect responsible ownership of a mere animal to matter?

Politicians, wake up. Dogs-at-large should be hit-list priority for police departments. Fines for first time offenders, confiscation for repeat. This is a public safety issue that NEEDS to be addressed. And what sort of programs could be funded by the tickets written for loose dogs? The possibilities are endless.

This isn't about more laws, this is about laws we have now NOT being enforced. This is about HUMANS taking responsibility for their ACTIONS. A dog is just a dog. A dog is not to blame.

We have failed our dogs, have failed our children. RPB mourns the loss of an innocent child.

And although the witch-burning has already begun, it is never too late for a shot of reality.


Jason said...

Wow. It amazes me daily how people can actually be this irresponsible. And then to go and blame the situation on the dog. This poor breed gets such a horrible wrap. And its mostly because of their irresponsible owners.

Mary, CPDT said...

It's very true, Jason, it's not about a breed, it's about the personal responsibility of adults. The ones who cannot fend or care for themselves - the children and animals - are the ones that suffer when adult humans don't take their duties seriously.