Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PLEASE pLEasE please pLeAsE

Did we say "Please"?

If that sounds like begging it's because it IS. Do whatever it takes to keep your PIT BULL CONFINED and UNDER YOUR CONTROL AT ALL TIMES (no, that's not yelling, it's just a slightly raised voice.....)
Eeesh. What's it gonna take to get owners to listen?

There is NO ROOM for accidents with this breed - their reputation in press circles cannot handle any more "oops" moments from owners.

Doesn't everyone make mistakes? Sorry, Pit Bull owners aren't allowed the luxury of "just one mistake" - that's the way it goes with this breed. There is no "can't" - you must do what a responsible guardian needs to do to prevent their dog from getting loose - leashes, crates, collars, harnesses, 6-foot tall privacy fences surrounding topped kennel runs.

Pit Bulls are escape artists, this much we know. Don't assume your dog cannot get loose...assume he CAN and then take more precautions.

Loose dogs are far from a Pit Bull-only problem - dog owners in general seem lax when it comes to keeping their canines under proper control. Hmmm....if only legislators would see to it that leash and containment laws were enforced, hefty fines thrown at offenders, perhaps some of these reporters would have to spend their time writing about things like, oh dunno, REAL news.


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Our Pack, Inc. said...

Dogs must be contained...period. When dogs get out they will be dogs...period.