Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ohio Update

We wanted our blog readers to be aware that Sen. Yates' proposal to change the current state vicious dog law to completely eliminate and destroy all Pit Bulls seems to have been halted. Sen. Yates is working with Rep. Webster (a Pit Bull friendly ally) to draft a bill that isn't so, well, morbid. And hopefully no breed specific language will be included - wouldn't it be fab if the current law was amended?

We know you have thoughts - they need to be voiced.

Rep. Yates or legislative aide Carey McDonald
614-466-1308 or

Rep. Webster or legislative aide Molly Rayo
614-466-0616 or

::Breathing a tentative sigh of relief::

1 comment:

Our Pack, Inc. said...

Keeping fingers Xed on this one. Hopefully this won't go through.