Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sedona! Taking prelim apps

We've had Sedona - one of the Ohio200 - in our program since Oct 1; per RPB policy, after the initial on-site evaluation, Sedona's been undergoing a more extensive 30 day evaluation in a home environment and is almost ready to make her debut as an RPB "Karma Dog".

Sedona is being heavily socialized - life on a chain has cost her some points in the social butterfly department but she tries so hard to be brave and is learning every day to trust a little more. She's a little flower that just needs some help blooming. She is about to begin CGC training and ready to start thinking about choosing a lifelong human partner.

RPB is now accepting preliminary applications on Sedona. She is not ready to leave our program just yet, but if you've fallen in love with Those Ears and are considering adoption, please feel free to email us for the necessary paperwork to get the ball moving.

For more information on RPB and our Karma Dog program which matches APBT "Spokesdogs" with exemplary human guardians, visit: Karma Dogs!.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to Sedona for learning how to trust, slowly but surely. It's a hard thing for humans to learn, too! Lots of love from Molly and Maria

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you all that take your time to do this. Pit Bulls have such a bad wrap. I adopted a puppy not knowing what it was other then loved starved and my life will never be the same.

I have no doubt that Sedona will do great!!! Pittys are surviors and lovers.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could adopt her! I already have 3 pitts and a great dane in my house so I have no room. I commend you for helping these loving beautiful dogs and I hope she finds the perfect home.