Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cruelty is cruelty, regardless of breed.

It was only earlier this month when we read about the chainsaw decapitation of a Pit Bull in New Mexico, which resulted in an 8 year prison sentence for the man responsible.

This past weekend another dog was found dead, this time cut in half and left morbidly on display on a porch in Northeast Philadelphia. The dog, named Chico, was a Siberian Husky.

These are absolutely horrifying stories of dogs who were brutally murdered at the hands of human beings. Breed should be irrelevent when such attrocities are commited against dogs, and we should all rise up as one and demand justice any time abuse is brought to our attention.

Everytime we read stories like these it becomes a little more difficult to comprehend how dogs get labeled as the "bad guys", how anyone could believe targeting and banning dogs that look a certain way will somehow make society safer, the idea that humans need more protection from animals than they do from us, a little more laughable. When is the last time you heard of a dog sawing off a human's head in retaliation?

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Catstina said...

This is very well written, Mary!