Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kong stuffin' season!

Stuffed Kongs are always a favorite around here. Now that the weather is getting cold and the days are shortening - which probably means less outdoor exercise for the dogs - it's a good idea to have some Kongs ready to go to keep boredom at bay. There are a bazillion Kong stuffing recipes online. Some simple, some quite elaborate. But here is the "Pit Bull Special" that we use - quick and easy and totally nom!

Take some kibble and soak it in water so it's kind of mushy. Then mix a nice scoop of peanut butter (use a brand that doesn't add refined sugar) with the soft kibble and mix/mush it all together. Fill the Kong with the mix, and lastly, as a garnish, stuff a biscuit down into the Kong but leave part of it sticking out the top. Put the Kong in the freezer and let the filler get hard but not TOO hard - frozen but not rock solid/icy. Lastly, give to your Pit Bull and watch him or her enjoy!

That Kong is STUFFED - but not for long! The "Pit Bull Special" - 100% Luca Approved.


Stacey said...

Mickey and Tess LOVE stuffed Kongs! I'm going to try this recipe ASAP! :-)

Anonymous said...

I made this today...Princess is going to town on that kong right now. She wouldn't even leave the kitchen when I was making it. The nutromax food doesn't soften too well but I microwaved it and that helped speed it along.

Alyssa Edwards said...

Diesel LOVES KONGS! In the summer, he really likes when we freeze watered down chicken broth in them.