Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick Signs With the Philly Eagles

Source: ESPN.

And HSUS' odd partnership with Vick is taken to the streets.

Some days you just gotta wake up, hug the dogs, and move on.


Brian said...

I think it's good HSUS is using Vick for anti dogfighting outreach. Vick has credibility with young men in the ghetto. This is a very smart move by HSUS.

Our Pack said...

The problem with this is that the kids are going to know that this man is not sincere. Also, he hasn't proven anything in terms of being sincere or being sorry. I haven't seen him DO anything. This can send a message to kids that you can mess up, maybe do time and not really learn or atone for your crimes. You can just go back to whatever you were doing and oh by the way be an "expert" on how to grow up and not mistreat animals. I understand where you're coming from but I would really like to see MV DO something and really get better, not only for the animals and the youth of the future but for desire to better himself and not so he just go back to playing ball.
This is not about punishing him or not forgiving him etc. I truly hope he gets a better life but through his heart.