Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Bust Dog's Thoughts

Meet Smiley King Elvis, one of the dogs rescued by HSMO and Mutts N Stuff in St Louis, and one of the Stoddard bust case happy endings.


I cannot believe it is over a month that my family been at the secret bunker. When the Stoddard dog-fighting bust happened in 2007 right after Vick, I had to stay a year before my old "owner" would let me go. I was very fortunate that HSMO and MuttsnStuff did not forget about me. I received treats, basic obedience, and wonderful massages. This kind woman at HSMO use to take me on walks and feed me part of her chicken sandwich. We would talk about the day, I would listen her voice her frustrations over the current laws that watched over me. I always gave her soft kisses telling her it was okay and that I understood. What she did not realize that I never had it as good as I did with her.

Since my case, the laws have changed and I am hoping my family will be release soon. The dogs from the Missouri Dog fighting Bust have to be kept in the secret bunker until they are released by the courts. All of the dogs from that bust are still being held. Please send positive thoughts that all the dogs will be released and that loving rescue groups will help the dogs that can adjust to living in a home.

Let's lighten the mood and let me tell you a funny story. My brother Willie Jake from the Stoddard bust is such a hoot. Willie had the hardest time understanding glass patio doors. Of course being chained up in the middle of the woods, we never saw such a thing before. He could see through to the other side so he could not figure out what he kept stopping him. I would snicker from my crate and would smile each time he hit the glass. You know how brothers can be to each other. One day, Willie got it. His foster mom jumped with JOY and patio door is now safe from Willie Jake. So then Willie Jake went to a tennis court and guess what...yep you guessed it...he ran into the net. Oh boy, I am glad its not genetic.

I am signing off for now. If you have any question, please ask! My life changes could fill a computer about the transformation from a victim of dog fighting to couch potato. Time to have an energy bar and pass out on the couch.

Smiley King Elvis

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We love you Smiley!