Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the wake of multi-state raid, still more bust dogs...

Who could deny that raids removing dogs from the miserable world of fighting are a reason to celebrate? Especially now that bust dogs are actually getting a chance at moving into rescue instead of being slaughtered en masse once they are 'saved' from the dog fighters. But after the initial "Whew, glad those dogs got outta there!" jubilation, a whole new reality sets in: very often, the dogs hit a dead end after they are confiscated.

What will happen to the dogs, where will they go? Will rescues be able to find room? Will an already incredibly burdened system be able to deal with such large numbers of dogs coming in all at once?

Many are still reeling from the news that the largest dog fighting raid in history meant confiscation of nearly 500 dogs.

Then we heard the news that Indiana netted another 100 dogs from yet another raid....

It becomes rather overwhelming, doesn't it? All these dogs, very limited resources. In the coming months, Pit Bull people are going to have to be on their toes and ready to go to the aid of these dogs. Lining up to be a foster, donations of money, goods, or time, are ways you can help. RPB will continue to post information on the organizations involved in helping the MoBust, Indiana, and other bust dogs.

The people helping the Pit Bulls need help to do their jobs. Let's collectively be there for them, and all help the dogs TOGETHER.

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New Hope Pit Bull Rescue said...

So well said. Thank you and let's hope that our pit bull community can become a huge help to all of the organizations involved. :)