Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Official MoBust Press Release

Wanted to share this. RPB is directing those who wish to make donations to send them to HSMO. HSMO is the org housing the 400+ dogs as the legalities are being worked out. Eventually these dogs will be released to the below orgs.

Rescue Groups Work with Humane Society of Missouri to Give Rescued Pit Bulls a Second Chance


August 12, 2009

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- Rescue groups nationwide are working with the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) to care for the more than 400 dogs rescued in connection with the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history. The dogs were seized in a multi-state raid by federal and state officers in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. The fate of the dogs will be decided by the federal courts in forfeiture proceedings separate from the criminal cases.

Several rescue groups that have experience with the breeds of animals rescued have offered their help to care for and eventually receive some of the dogs. Groups involved so far in these efforts include Mutts-n-Stuff, based in Missouri; Our Pack, based in California; Broken Hearts, Mended Souls, based in Missouri;, an online rescue resource; Brew City Bully Club, based in Wisconsin; Dumb Friends League, based in Colorado; and New Hope Pit Bull Rescue, based in South Carolina.

'We are very grateful that these groups have stepped up to help us care for and eventually give some of them a second chance,' said Debbie Hill, vice president of Operations for the Humane Society of Missouri and incident commander for the emergency temporary shelter. 'We hope to place as many of these dogs as possible, so we need more groups and individuals like them to contact us offering places for these deserving animals.'

At least two of the organizations have experience successfully placing dogs that came from high-profile dog-fighting cases into new homes. Mutts-n-Stuff Pit Bull Rescue helped care for and socialize ten of the 22 pit bulls rescued by HSMO in a raid in Stoddard County, Mo. in 2007. 'Mutts-n-Stuff is committed to helping HSMO care for and place these dogs,' said Gale Frey, the rescue group's founder. 'We were there for the Stoddard County animals; we will be there for these dogs, too.'

Our Pack Pit Bull Rescue also took in dogs from the Stoddard County case and from the notorious Michael Vick case in 2007. According to Marthina McClay, founder of Our Pack, 'In our experience, many of the dogs from these cases can shed their sad history and be adopted as family pets. Some have even been trained to become therapy dogs.' Her proof, she says, is Leo, a dog rescued from the Vick case who she trained to become a therapy dog in just five weeks. 'These dogs have big, big hearts, and all it takes to change their outlook is someone to love them back.'

Groups or individuals interested in receiving some of these animals should immediately contact the Humane Society of Missouri at 314-802-5712.

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