Thursday, September 17, 2009

Philly Rescue Doin' It Right

There are so many unsung heroes in rescue, those people who day after day dedicate their lives to saving the lives of dogs. They are in rescue not for fame, not for money, but for the DOGS.. We wanted to spotlight just one of those rescues. Run by Rosemary DiStefano, Faith's Hope in Philadelphia is one of those little gems of the rescue world: dedicated, educated, and ethical. Rosemary knows her stuff, and if you are looking for a REAL Pit Bull - solid, stable, with typical breed temperament - please consider one of the dogs from Faith's Hope.

RPB is proud to support the work of Faith's Hope and we encourage you to do so as well by making a donation, large or small. You can donate through below.

Here are just a few of the adoptable dogs now available through Faith's Hope:

Meet Spock, and his to-die-for ears! This guy's a total lover-boy, and a solid 40 lbs of Pit Bull goodness. He is a terrific dog, sweet and loving and wants nothing more than to be with you all day and cuddle up all night.

Heeeere's Herbie! Check out that face! How cute is this APBT/AmBull mix? He is not only adorable, he is a terrific dog: sweet, friendly, smart. He wants to be your best buddy EVER. He doesn't ask for much - a comfy bed, some yummy treats and some nice walks. Herbie is currently being treated for heartworm, poor baby, but will be ready for his new home as soon as he's better.

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