Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everyone deserves a second chance?

Or should second chances be reserved for those who have made ONE mistake, admitted their guilt, and shown through actions that they are willing and ABLE to make a change?

Rosemary DiStefano from Faith's Hope Rescue - straight from the trenches - said it best,

    "Please someone tell me again why this man deserves a "second chance?" Why he deserves to play professional football again and make millions of dollars when those of us down here in the trenches trying to help the dogs he so casually murdered struggle every single day?

    Never mind his debt to "society?" How exactly has he paid his debt to the dogs he killed and fought? Why does he deserve to be an HSUS spokesperson when others who have worked tirelessly for years and years to make a difference and who have saved countless animals get to do so with no recognition whatsoever? Yet, this man gets an ovation when he walks out on the field? Please explain to me what he has done to deserve such an ovation? The NFL, the Eagles but especially the citizens of this city that filled that stadium to watch football and applaud Michael Vick ought to be hanging their heads in shame!"
    --Take That, Eagles

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