Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More nonsensical sound bites....

Parade Magazine printed some crummy quotes from DC Councilman Jim Graham, in its recent article “Preventing Fatal Dog Attacks”.

    “Anyone who has been near a pit bull can tell you why they need to be banned,” Graham says. “There is something endemic in this breed that prompts violence and cruelty when raised in the wrong hands.”

ANYone? REALLY, Councilman? Sure about that statement?

And I guess the Councilman didn’t get the memo on the Vick dogs. Talk about dogs being ‘raised in the wrong hands’. Just as predicted, those Vick dogs sure turned out to be 'violent and cruel’.

All we are asking for is a little responsibility – research and educate yourself before you make statements that hold the power to influence legislation that would tear families apart and cause the unnecessary death of companion animals.

Oh, who will save us from the PANdemic of stupid!

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Suzi Riot said...

It's SO infuriating when public officials make policy statements that are just based on fear-mongering and ignorance! Because public policy should not be based on, you know, RESEARCH or FACTS or REALITY.

Ugh. You see why I want to go into animal law? We need some legislation and policy made by people who actually KNOW something and maybe can save us from the pandemic of STOOPID!