Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Your vote could be worth a million bucks.... Pit Bulls and the other animals at Liberty Humane Society, in Jersey City, NJ.

LHS is a fantastic shelter doing right by Pit Bulls here in North Jersey. They have made it to the Top 10 in's Million Dollar Shelter Makeover contest. The top ten! Out of all the shelters in the country! A million bux could sure save a lot of Pit Bulls. Do the dogs a favor and take a couple minutes of your day to do the following:

1) Sign up at - it's FREE!
2) Upload a pic to your profile - also FREE!
3) Then go VOTE for Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ -
America Votes! (MAKE SURE YOU VOTE for LIBERTY HUMANE SOCIETY in NJ, as there is another Liberty Humane that made the top ten as well, but it is a completely different organization, in a different state.)

You can keep voting, 10 times a day, through Sunday the 19th.

Can you imagine? A million dollars for Pit Bulls!

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Our Pack said...

I'm gonna vote. Those guys are awesome!