Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pit Bull School's Now in Session!

Introducing Pit Bull-specific classes! These classes are to be held in Union County NJ, each Saturday morning at 10am, starting April 18, and taught by Mary Harwelik, CPDT.

The goal of these classes is to create well-behaved, desensitized dogs that can respond to cues despite distractions, while simultaneously molding confident, capable handlers. Since the classes are drop in, they are designed to allow the handler/dog team to go at their own pace, work on the exercises they want, and enjoy the benefits of controlled socialization. Feedback, support and instruction will be a big part of these classs, however the format will be casual.

The curriculum will be based on a variety of programs, including Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed and Emma Parsons' Click to Calm (these books are recommended to ALL owners of reactive or 'feisty' canines). We will be working on lots of creative, fun exercises meant to build confidence and rapport between dog and owner.

These classes are meant for Pit Bulls (American Pit Bull Terriers/APBTs/AmStaffs), PitMixes and pseudo Pit Bulls (those dogs of unknown origin likely to be mistaken for Pit Bulls and breeds commonly mistaken for Pit Bulls). Dogs may be reactive towards other dogs, BUT human-aggressive dogs or dogs who are reactive to humans won't be able to attend this class.

Rescues and shelters, send your volunteers and foster homes to class for FREE!

Visit: Pit Bull School for more information.

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