Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ChatGabGossipShareListenLearnGrow...on The RPB Forum !

The Real Pit Bull Forum is a little over a year old now (we celebrated our One Year Anniversary in January). If you haven't heard about the forum or visited yet, RPBF is a small, tight-knit community of like-minded folks - guardians, rescue peeps, trainers, show people, admirers - gathered together to talk about - WHAT ELSE?? - Pit Bulls, and all relevant topics. What's cool about the folks on RPBF are their friendly, open and supportive attitudes. When RPBF first launched, we hoped it would become a beacon of light in the breed community, and ya know what? It's shinin' bright thanks to the fabulous people who participate! We are SO proud of this forum and its members, and hope you'll come check us out and get involved. We promise it's a lil different than what you're used to in a Pit Bull forum. And a whole lotta fun.

Check it out at!

Come join the Forum! Everyone's doin' it!


GiGwriter said...

Such a CUTE picture! Regarding your previous entry - I grew up in Union County, nice to see that pit bulls are being supported - I'll tell my pro-pittie friend about it.

Our Pack said...

OMG! Is that Luka?! That is the funniest thing I've ever seen!!!

The forum is an absolute blast. I love it. It's such a great place to go to get info, just blow of steam or share.

See ya there!