Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Fight dog paraphernalia"? Really?

A springpole or a treadmill or a historical book on fighting dogs does NOT = evidence of dog fighting, no matter how many times certain humane groups or the media say otherwise.

Springpoles have been painted as an especially ominous 'tool', and we're often told how dog fighters use these things to strengthen the jaws of Pit Bulls. "Pit Bulls are forced to hang with their jaws from ropes dangling from a spring in an effort to strengthen their jaws", a news blurb might 'inform'. Well, the truth of the matter is that a dog cannot be forced to hang from anything they don't want to hang onto, and springpoles have nothing to do with 'strengthening a fighting dog's jaws' and everything to do with fun and appropriate exercise for LOTS of dogs, regardless of breed.

But don't take OUR word for it. Check out this video of a bunch of BORDER COLLIES enjoying their springpole. And yes, that's a Pit Bull guy trying his best to keep up with the springpole pro Collies.


~Melyssa said...

I love it! They one Border will not let go, Amazing.

Pit Bull Lover said...

Actually those things are evidence of dogfighting. Just because some people have treadmills and spring poles, and don't fight dogs, does not mean that they are not equipment dogfighters routinely use to condition dogs for fighting.

Think about it this way. It is legal to own a crowbar. It is legal to own a TV with the serial number scratched off. But if you get pulled over, and you have a crowbar and TV in your trunk with the serial number scratched off you can't blame the police for believing you are in possession of a burglary tool and stolen property.

By the same token, paraphernalia used to be dogfighters all the time rightfully is a red flag, and it should be.

I think your emphasis should be more on stopping dogfighting than on criticizing humane groups. It seems less dogfighting would go a long way towards saving pit bulls.

Zoe said...

That's awesome! I've actually had a few mixed breed fosters/boarders here that LOVED the spring pole and some pit bulls that couldn't care a less! lol

The REAL Pit Bull said...
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The REAL Pit Bull said...

To address Pit Bull Lover's comment..... The presence of a springpole and a Pit Bull alone does not in any way indicate that there is illegal activity of any kind going on. Doesn't matter how many times certain propaganda-happy humane groups say it's so. The fact of the matter is that MANY responsible *dog owners* and not just Pit Bull owners, use springpoles.

Also, if you are such a lover of Pit Bulls, how do you reconcile that fact with HSUS' recommendation to kill Vick dogs such as Leo:

Or are you also of the mindset that all fight bust victims should be murdered?

Our Pack said...

What a crack up! The Pit Bull kept looking over to the BC on the right like, "how do we do this?" Then, "hey can I try your rope, mine's not working like yours?"

~Melyssa said...

Ok, so you are telling me because I have a crowbar I am automatically a thief? This is the convoluted mindset that is causing the problems we have now. A Spring pole does not indicate a dog fighter anymore than someone requiring insulin and having the needles around automatically being a drug abuser. It sounds absurd, does it not?