Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Temperament Evaluation & The Essential Pit Bull Booket

Temperament evaluation for Pit Bulls that will be placed into homes is of utmost importance. It truly is important for ALL dogs no matter the breed. Although humane adoption groups are advocates for the dogs first and foremost, they should ethically also be advocates for humans and hence look to place dogs that have the temperaments that would make them good companions and productive canine members of society. Making exceptions or shrugging off troubling behavior very often ends badly for all parties involved – including the dog!

The situation with Pit Bulls is dire. The breed is under a microscope and hence every negative incident that occurs is a nail in the breed’s coffin. When a Golden Retriever or a Dachshund or a Dalmatian bites someone seriously, there is no concerted effort to destroy the breeds or ban them from society. But when a Pit Bull lays teeth on a human, all hell breaks loose. So while it is of course necessary to carefully evaluate and THEN place ANY breed of dog into a new home (a bite is a bite, after all, no matter the breed – they all hurt, they all are potentially physically and mentally scarring), with Pit Bulls, organizations need to go the extra mile just to safeguard the breed’s future.

In order to help shelters and rescues struggling to do right by their dogs, The Essential Pit Bull was written. The booklet aims to help organizations identify sound, normal dog behavior and specifically behavioral traits known to be demonstrated in temperament-correct Pit Bulls. The evaluation in the booklet is typical in many ways, but broken down in such a way as to describe ideal – and not-so-ideal – behavioral responses as they pertain specifically to Pit Bulls. And since we all know that no breed is for everyone, The Essential Pit Bull offers plenty of suggestions for placing Pit Bulls into homes that would do best with the breed.

The booklet also categorizes dogs based on responses to tests. Instead of a simple pass/fail grade, the EPB evaluation breaks behavioral responses down further in order to help organizations make the very best decisions when placing their dogs.The categories are A (suitable for novice homes), B (typical Pit Bulls), C (dogs best suited to very experienced homes), and X (dogs not suitable for adoption that should be humanely euthanized).

A breed-specific temperament and evaluation booklet could have been written about any breed. All breeds have unique quirks and traits that define Breed Essence. This booklet just happens to be about Pit Bulls.

The new booklet The Essential Pit Bull, is now available to rescue and shelter groups through RPB’s shop @


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Our Pack said...

I like the fact that this book does NOT make Pit Bulls out to be some sort of other species or that they are SO different from other breeds, it evals them as Pit Bulls and their specific traits as anyone would with a Lab, Poodle etc. It evals them as dogs! Good booklet!