Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's that time of year again...

It’s getting cold, the days are shorter, snow and ice are on the way, and human minds turn to thoughts of food, fun, festivities, and all the stress that goes along with the holidays.

People are snuggled warm in their homes, idyllic visions of simpler days gone by, counting their blessings in this less-than-ideal economic climate.

Whenever the seasons change and the weather grows bitter, I often lay awake in bed at night, unable to shake the images of freezing dogs exposed to the elements. Then my mind wanders to those dogs starving to death, being exposed to unspeakable cruelties, languishing behind bars in shelters. Those poor helpless little souls in pain, waiting. For what, they do not know, but wait they do, nonetheless. And I wish I could do more. I wish people paid attention. I wish animals didn’t have to suffer because of the flaws of humans. I wish I wish I wish.

This is the time of year when wishes are supposed to come true. When the kindness of man is supposed to extend beyond himself to touch the lives of those who cannot help themselves. When miracles can occur. Pit Bulls in need do not get to celebrate the holidays, they do not get a break from pain, they get no hiatus from hunger. So please, this holiday season before you sit down for that big family meal, before you unwrap the presents, please pause to think about the lives of those less fortunate, be they human or animal, and count your blessings. Then perhaps, share a blessing or two with someone who is in need.

~Mary, CPDT
RPB Director

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Our Pack, Inc. said...

As usual, well written and well said. It is something we need to think about during the holiday season. Our friends, our dogs.