Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight

Carolann Puzio is one of our volunteers, and she specializes in lecturing on responsible dog caretaking and dispelling Pit Bull myths. She and her dog Rocky (who has his Canine Good Citizen certificate, has passed a Temperament Test, and is a certified Therapy Dog) spent Pit Bull Awareness Day teaching enthusiastic (potential) dog parents about Preparing for a Four Legged Friend.

Like so many, Carolann found herself an "accidental Pit Bull parent" when she adopted Rocky from a shelter. She fell in love with her adopted dog, then the breed as a whole, and eventually found herself a breed activist when she teamed up with RPB.

Thanks Carolann for your dedication and eagerness. You are a truly valued member of the RPB family!

Watch for more lectures from Carolann and her sidekick Rocky on various topics in the upcoming months.....

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