Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life and times of a fight bust dog: Sedona update!

October 1st marked a year since Sedona (one of the dogs from the OHIO200 case which was the largest single-yard fight bust in history), came into RPB's adoption program, and she just celebrated 6 months in her forever home with her adoptive dad Dave, and new brother and sister Rocky and Lola. We thought it would be nice to share some recent pictures and video footage of Sedona to celebrate her progress, as well as an update from Dave:

"Living with Sedona these past six months has been a learning experience for both of us. Yes, she has her baggage like most rescued dogs, but she’s been slow to let it go. Continuing what The Real Pit Bull staff began, to teach her to be a pet, has been very rewarding. Sedona is coming out of her shell a little more every day, and her highest achievement thus far has been her first group trail hike recently, with more than a dozen strangers and their dogs. Sedona really shone and impressed me so much on this two hour hike. Everyone was very supportive, and Sedona made more than a few friends that day.

Sedona and housemates Lola and Rocky have adjusted to each other and live in harmony. She really is happy to have the other two dogs around, and is a complete clown around the house. Just like any other Pit Bull she is prone to zoomies, loves her treat ball, enjoys her bones and screams for joy when I come home. Sedona continues to make good progress with her leash manners, and is learning how to interact with strangers. Her CGC is a long term goal that we keep our eyes on, and we will keep working at her socialization issues until the day comes when I can say she’s just like other dogs, but she will always be one Very Special Little Dog."

Playtime between Sedona and Rocky:

Sedona came to us with extreme generalized fear and was far from an easy case. Despite her "emotional issues", she continues to show true Pit Bulldog spirit: an attitude of try, try again, as well as 100% reliability around people despite her very real fear. Dave has been an amazing blessing to Sedona and is one of those adoptive homes rescue organizations dream of: complete and utter dedication to his dogs and acceptance of who they are as individuals.


Sedona said...

It's all about ME! Lol! (my dad's the BOMB!)

Anonymous said...

It's awesome when Pitties are adopted to good homes. The are great dogs