Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pre-Order Your RPB T-Shirts Today!

Hi Friends!

Our t-shirt slogan contest was a success! For more about the t-shirt and the contest, please click here:

We are now getting ready to place an order for t-shirts. Shirts will be black with light blue text on the back, reading:

"Judge all the same by what's on the inside and not by a name."

The RPB logo (which is the likeness of Krash, one amazing Pit Bull and the "dog behind RPB"), will be featured on the front of the shirt, in light blue.

We were all set to place an order, but unexpected vet bills ate up our t-shirt fund in February. (This is rescue work! Always expect the unexpected!) Now we are accepting "pre orders", which means you pay now and your shirt will be shipped to you as soon as they are printed up (target: end of March).

Shirts are $15.00 and you can pay through our account using the email:

Please be sure to indicate you are ordering a shirt as well as the sizes and quantity you would like. Pre-ordering t-shirts is a great way to support RPB, help us pay recent vet bills for our OH200 bust dog, Sedona (who is doing fine and is healthy now!), and show your love for Pit Bulls by way of a great shirt that sports a great message.

Any questions?


Levi Mac said...

Gotta get my green papers from mom- be back later!

Sybil said...

Wonderful Blog ! Glad you're out there speaking up for these marvellous much-maligned dogs.

I moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia over a year ago when my daughter moved home with a Staffie-cross. Due to Ontario's BSL we fled the province and are happy to be living in a much more enlightened part of Canada

Keep up the great work !

Sybil in Eastern Passage, NS