Thursday, January 20, 2011

Announcing our tee shirt slogan contest winner!

We recevied a bunch of wonderful contributions when we announced our slogan contest late last year. After much deliberating, we settled on a slogan written by RPB Forum member, Shandee. The slogan is paraphrased from a poem written by Shandee. So, here we are proud to unveil the winner:

"Judge all the same by what's on the inside and not by a name."

The poem itself is beautiful and expresses a sentiment we should all carry and hold close to our hearts:

If there were darkness
And no more light
Who would we hate?
Who would we fight?
We would have to judge
All the people the same
By what's on the inside
And not on their name
The color of their skin
Their height or their weight
None of which would matter
It's their heart and soul we'd appreciate
If there were darkness
And no more light
Might not be bad
We could all learn to be kind

From Shandee:

My family brought home our first Pit Bull when I was 13 years old, I knew then I had found my favorite breed. I began my research and decided I wanted another when I was on my own, so a little over a year ago I brought home my sweet girl Aida. And of course not too long after that I saved a sweet little boy, my Pit Bull mix Bruiser, from a very neglectful home. I can say having two dogs of any kind can be stressful at times, so I started my search for help. That's when I came across The Real Pit Bull forum and with the help of the amazing members I now have two very well behaved pups that are the best breed ambassadors in my neighborhood. Also with help from Mary I have many ideas for bringing about awareness for the breed. The love of the breed came naturally and quickly, the inspiration to do more came from the sparkle in Aida's eyes, and of course the encouragement and ideas came from all the wonderful members of the forum. Without them I'd just love the breed, but now I know how to create something bigger, and hope they'll be there along the way.

Thank you, Shandee, for being a part of the effort to save the image of the Pit Bull and being such a wonderful parent to your babies. We're so glad to have you as part of the RPBF team!

Tee shirts will be available shortly for $15. The black shirts with light blue print will feature our logo on the front and the slogan on the back. If you'd like to pre-order to make sure we'll have your size available, please drop as a line at with the size and quantity you want. We'll let you know how and when to pay once our printer is ready with the shirts.


Catstina said...

I can't wait to see the new shirts! Congrats Shandee! Love the slogan and the poem!

Brook said...

That was awesome! Brought a tear to my eye. Congrats Shandee! You definitely deserve it.

puzzoom said...

Congrats Shandee! My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 pitbulls (full brother and sister from separate litters) both are fixed. We owned their mother until she died at 13 years of age- that broke our hearts... I am so sick of people saying that the only people that own this breed are either criminals or fight them. We are not criminals and do not fight our dogs EVER. I realize they are to some people very scarey, but the fact is they can be very loyal and loving. It is the owner of this breed that needs to be responsible in not only the daily care but socialization of this breed. I am not saying that there are not some very inbred nut cases out there, but lets be honest there are inbred nut cases in very breed, that is the fault of the breeder not the dog. I do feel that if a dog is unstable mentally it should be put down. It is a shame that this must happen, but I have seen dogs that people have breed with the intent on it being nuts thinking wow that makes it better.... So again the blame is at the feet of the person, but the dog will end up paying the price. If you are going to own this breed, know that there are people out there that will prejudge just on the looks of your dog and do everything they can think of to try and force you to get rid of your dog. I know, I have dealt with that type of closed minded person. My dogs do look intimidating, I will admit, but never have they bit anyone, or left my yard to run on their own (EVER). Yet this person actually wrote a letter stating and I quote "they will attack and eat children and retarded people". You may laugh, or you may be offended, either way know that they actually sent that to my county commissioner. Why you may ask? Simple, they do not want that breed in the neighborhood and wanted to force me to put them down. I tell you this to let anyone not use to the breed, that is thinking about owning one know IT IS A COMMITMENT. Be responsible and please make the decision based on temperament and not just on looks. Be aware that others may not be as in love with your dog and may do some really stupid things. But if you keep the right mindset, find a wonderful pitbull to call your own, you will have one of the most loving and loyal dogs you have every owned.