Sunday, January 16, 2011 Interview

Shain Kirby interviewed me this week about aggression and bite statistics in response to growing concern over the possible introduction of state-wide BSL in Texas. Here is an excerpt - read the entire interview at the below link.

It should be noted that Centers for Disease Control no longer monitor breeds involved in attacks (they ceased doing so in the 1990s). They found this method of statistical record keeping to be unsuccessful and insignificant. Various polls and statistics from other sources are only as good as the data collection methodology. I would ignore any "breed bite statistics" unless there has been a sound, scientific collection of said statistics that involved proof of breed for dogs labeled as "pit bulls" (and there are none that exist to my knowledge). In regards to breed bite statistics, the term "pit bull" does not refer to any breed, but refers to dogs that simply look a certain way. How anyone could consider such so-called "breed statistics" relevant when they do not even refer to a specific breed is a mystery to me.

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