Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introducing the New RPB Logo....and the Dog Behind the Organization

This logo is now available on an assortment of products at our Cafepress.com store:


The proceeds from the sales of these items directly benefit RPB, and make great holiday gifts! *hint hint!*

The dog in the logo is Krash, my first APBT and the love of my life. He is the dog that inspired me to originally start the realpitbull.com website and continues to inspire the work I do for the breed through RPB. This is a dog that won many friends for the breed, and caused others to seriously reconsider their erroneous ideas on Pit Bulls. He was a people-person to the core and loved everyone he ever met. Many people, upon first meeting Krash, would comment, “He seems like a little person!” and indeed he had an inner quality that defied the simple definition of “dog”. But he was a Pit Bull through and through, my best friend, my heart.

In a way, Krash represents all Pit Bulls, since he was such a typical bulldog: a stoic nature, human-loving heart, beauty and almost uncanny intelligence – these are the qualities the breed possesses, and Krash had more than his fair share.

Krash passed away from hemangiosarcoma in early 2005, but his spirit continues to act as a beacon of guiding light, and it is with great honor that I present to you a logo that captures the likeness of a truly great dog.



Our Pack said...

This story gave me tears.

What a beautiful dog and it sounds like he did wonderful things for the breed.

I love the new logo and what it represents!

carey10913 said...

Hi Mary,

Your boy is beautiful. I was surfing the web looking for more answers about Hemangiosarcoma and came across your blog. I read down to see what your APBT died of and just had this feeling could it be Hemangiosarcoma and sure enough. My purebred APBT died of the same disease two weeks ago and like your man she was the ideal bulldog. Needles to say our hearts are torn and all we can do is hope for a better day. I will visit your blog regular and thanks for all your hard work.