Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Springtime News Updates!

Spring came bright and early in New Jersey this year, and the blooming flowers brought with them all sorts of Pit Bull goodness. While we've been enjoying the blue-skied 80-degree days, we've also been plugging away to bring some great new programs to the Garden State.

By far, the biggest news we've got to report is that we are about to launch a unique and exciting Pit Bull foster slash placement slash advocacy program. We're not gonna give the details just yet - we'll let the excited suspense build for a little while, first.

Pit Bull School is back in session, totally revamped and with some completely new classes. The 6-week Click Bulls! breed basics and manners class has start dates set for 4/10 and 6/5, and new start dates will be added all the time. We've also got the CGC Prep class, the all-new Strut Your Stuff socialization and distraction 'round town class, and an end of season fundraiser walk for grads and others we're calling Pit Bull Promenade. You can learn more about Pit Bull School and how to enroll by visiting the website.

If you are in the Pit Bull rescue and advocacy field and would like to connect with other like-minded, kindred souls, please be sure to register and participate on The Pit Bull Roundtable on the RPBF forum. We brainstorm, laugh together, cry together, and are just *there* for each other. We all know how difficult and sometimes draining this work can be - this board is a way we can ease the burden and give back to each other, not to mention LEARN (we've got some exceptionally bright bulbs who participate). It's fun, informal, and really informative. Drop us a line and let us know you'd like to join the 'Table after you've registered on the forum and we'll give you the easy details on how to proceed.

Our free All About Pit Bulls lecture which covers breed basics and beyond in a fun and question-encouraged setting is making the rounds; we have a lecture planned for 4/24 in Berkeley Heights NJ at the public library on Plainfield Ave (please RSVP to attend, by emailing: ), June 8th in Jersey City, plus we have plans-in-the-works for lectures in south Jersey as well as the Philly area.

Can We Talk?

There are a bazillion issues Pit Bull advocates care about and would like to address, and just as many ways we all think those issues should be addressed. Sometimes it's difficult to come to grips with the really tough stuff, especially when we all think there are different means to the same end.

The new RPB Blog feature called Can We Talk? will attempt to wrestle with some of those aforementioned issues by opening up a dialog with you, the Pit Bull lover and adovacate, as we dissect various topics and create an atmosphere of friendly, open chit-chat.

What does it mean to be a responsible Pit Bull parent? What can we do about over-breeding and related fads? Does it really matter what training method you use to train your dog? What's the difference between breed "promotion" and "positive advocacy"? We'd like to talk!

Foster Parents Needed!

Interested? Please let us know. Snowflake's such a trooper, and her bright, sunny attitude remains intact even though she's been at the shelter for close to a year now.

Snowflake is the real deal, with a temperament to die for and she just needs someone to give her a chance to bloom! If you are interested in fostering Snowy, contact us!

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