Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tid Bits

The benefit yoga classes held last month, thanks to Sachiko Eubanks and the wonderful breed-friendly yoginis over at Prana, was a success! Our bank account is feeling a little fatter because of the generosity of spirit demonstrated by the yoga community in Geneva, IL. We thank you!

On Thursday, I spoke about the breed on a half hour radio program hosted by positive dog trainer Renee Premaza. The program, called Thursdays In The Dog House on Philly WNJC-1360 AM discusses all manner of dog-related topics on a weekly basis. It's really very excellent, so please keep your ears out for it!

You can listen to the program I was on here. I had a great time talking about my favorite subject, and Renee wants me to come back to continue our breed discussion. Looking forward to it!

RPB's fall fundraiser, Thank-A-Bull, is turning into more of a mini awareness campaign than a straight-up donation op. There are some lovely submissions from people whose lives have been touched by these amazing creatures we call Pit Bulls. Some of the submissions have been tear-inducers, like this one,

    "I would like to thank my pack of bullies for giving me a reason to live. I have been fighting an incurable form of leukemia and they are truly the reason I fight so hard to stay well."

....and all have been uniquely touching.

We'll keep adding to the page as the submissions come in, and we are hoping to see this page grow into something special.

You can submit your own thank-you note and photo by emailing us here: and then making a suggested PayPal donation of $1, 5, or 10. The deadline is Dec 1.

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Our Pack said...

This radio show was the best! What a service for our dogs!