Tuesday, June 23, 2009

High price tags don't keep these dogs out of the system....

As a follow-up to our "American Bully" blog, we thought we'd post some pix of bully-style dogs that showed up in rescue recently. These dogs are often paraded around like expensive accessories by their humans. But despite paying wads of cash and status earned among peers, at the end of the day, when the person at the end of the leash decides a dog is too much work these pricey "American Bullies" often get dumped in the shelters like trash. This is happening at an alarming rate - but considering how many bully-style breeders there are out there, the numbers are not surprising.

If you are looking for a nice companion, maybe you'll consider one of these sweet mush-faces. And remember, Don't Feed The Unethical Breeders - keep your money out of their hands.

Guiness was heartworm positive and very sick when he ended up in the loving care of Bama Bully in Alabama.

Odie wasn't far behind - pneumonia-stricken, this boy needed help, and he got it, once again thanks to Bama Bully.

Sassy was emaciated when she came to New Hope Pit Bull Rescue in South Carolina. She's filled out a bit since then, as you can see.

Both Bama Bully and New Hope PBR are members of the Pit Bull Rescue Alliance, founding members along with The Real Pit Bull.

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