Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in the air!

We love this time of year. It's warming up on the Northeast Coast, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. And while we trudged through a rough winter with plenty of depressing economical & social news, and what often felt like 1 step forward - 10 steps back for APBT activism and advocacy, there were also glimmers of hope that indicate better times are on the horizon. From the huge news of HSUS shifting its policy to give fight bust dogs a chance, to Ohio Rep Sears standing up for what's just and challenging the state's labeling of all Pit Bulls as vicious by introducing HB 79, to a victory for Pit Bulls in anti-breed Miami-Dade County, there is PLENTY going on to keep us cheerful and hopeful.

RPB is big on positivity and focusing on what's going right. Energy is transformational, for both the good and the bad, so focusing too much of it on what's wrong can end up giving the 'dark forces' more power. A shift in perspective to positive things & outcomes is oftentimes when big things happen - and that perspective shift can also keep you from being burdened by what sometimes feels like an overwhelming amount of negativity. There's lots that's right within the APBT world right now, thanks to so many dedicated people and their amazingly tireless efforts. So this spring, let's count our blessings, let's clear out the cobwebs of doom and gloom, as we put our noses to the grindstone - refreshed and renewed - to continue the fight for our dogs. And if you ever find yourself lagging and dragging, tired and trudging, take a moment to snuggle into some silky Pit Bull fur, and contemplate the joy and zest for life that these dogs embody every single day of their lives.


Mary said...

I absolutely agree. Spring is the time for new beginnings and there are good things on the horizon, maybe baby steps at times but still forward steps. And that is what we need to do, keep going forward!

Our Pack said...

This blog is just what I needed today!
You're right, there's so much good going on in the Pit Bull world right now and more hope than ever.

I'm definitely going to snuggle up to those Pit Bulls. They are definitely full of hope everyday.