Monday, July 14, 2008

"Pit Bull" who??

Is it any wonder the Pit Bull breed is in a mess when no one can even come to any consensus as to what a Pit Bull IS? How can you address the issues surrounding something you cannot even properly identify?

This recent Toledo Blade article about Ohio's "Pit Bull Problem", says that 'pit bulls' can be defined as "relatively short, yet muscular members of the terrier group as well as the larger mastiff group, which historically has been crossbred with certain terriers to create larger pit bull breeds such as the Italian Cane Corso and the Spanish Perro de Presa Canario." Huh? Can someone else make sense out of this mish-mosh of a paragraph? Because we certainly can't.

There are so many possibly varieties listed here (are ALL these breeds a serious threat??) that we venture out of the realm of breed specific and more towards something that may just be canine specific. Or maybe it's human specific. As in, it's not the BREED it's the person holding the end of the LEAD. Responsible ownership behavior is what counts - not BREED. A conclusion to draw now if ever there was such a time.

BSL is supposed to ban breeds by psychically predicting what their behavior will be. Not only do BSL proponents claim they can determine the future behavior of all members of ONE breed of dog, now they are claiming they can predict the behavior of numerous breeds of dog, all conveniently lumped under the neat-n-easy heading of "pit bull".

RPB has always used the nick name "Pit Bull" for the American Pit Bull Terrier, and ONLY the APBT. It is, after all, the only breed with the words "pit" and "bull" appearing in its name. The media has bastardized the term, and other groups have shunned it, but we hold strong and fast like our dogs to a moniker of which we are not only unashamed, but PROUD.


Our Pack, Inc. said...

I just love it when people in the media suddenly become breed experts.

Such irresponsible reporting!

Very proud American Pit Bull Terrier owner here!

outspoken said...

I love this breed will have nothing less, but i agree there is a huge problem with misidentifying the breed as a whole.

justme said...

would it truly matter if we knew exactly what breeds were what most people have already gave these animals a bad name....ive been in the breeding buisness for 20 years and ive never came across a foam spiting pit

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